Saturday, 23 August 2014

K-Drama Review : King of High School Life Conduct


yeah~~~~~!!!! it's been tooooo long right i didn't update my belog. i'm too lazy. and too busy watching kpop things. keke~~~

So, this time,, aku nak review sikit pasal korean drama yang aku baru habis layan nih. sikiiiittt je nak review. malas nak taip panjang-panjang, hehe..

Main Cast: Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na

for more info click this link (wiki)

This romantic comedy drama about a immature, naive 18 years old boy who ends up working at a company in place of his brother and falls in love with a woman who is employee at the same company.
 Source: wikipedia or dramawiki

This is such a great drama. and it's also unique drama. haha. because the woman and the boy is ten years different. and that boy, budak sekolah menengah falls in love with a woman who is 28 years old. haha.

memang la kan kalo dipikir kan logik and kalau nak dibandingkan dengan realiti memang tak dak la perempuan yang dah kerja couple dengan high school-er boy. that's why la cerita ni best and makes it different from the other drama. haaa..

yeah. and this guy. wahh. wahh.. wahh... his acting totally not makes me disappointing. i love love love his acting. and love his cute face. heee~~~~he's from Ulsan. So, i guess all country boys look handsome and cute. and very very talented. (e.g. Jr., Dongjun, )

he also can plays two different role in this drama. seriously,, i feel like i'm watching another person acting the role.

same person,, but different feel,, different roles.

seriously,, i feel like watching different person. haahah... immature, young boy vs. cold-hearted, mature man. heee~~~~

tapi satu ja. aku actually didn't like the female lead. hehh. she's kind of weird,, out of fashion. hahh. tapi agaknya yang tu kot buat drama ni unik. lain dari yang lain. haha.

So, kesimpulannya cerita sangat-sangat la best. seriously. hahaha. watch these pics below~~~~

that's all from now.  bye.. byee... wassalam..

Saturday, 11 January 2014

i'm 21~~~!


alhamdulillah. finally,, i'm reached 21~~! woww. times flies so fast.

actually, dah 3 hari dah birthday aku lepas, and baru hari ni la aku ada masa nak update. bcoz i'm so so so busy with my exam. tak sempat nak update blog aku. and i guess that i've haven't update my blog for such a long time, right~??

bila dah reach 21 ni, mesti kawan aku cakap, nana dah tua. hahah. hello, i'm still young okeyh~~! baru 21. mana tua pun. muda lagi ni ha. aku sendiri pun tak rasa aku ni 21 dah. hahah. and aku rasa aku ni macam kids that in love with her kpop things~~ kekeke~~ and that's totally true. lalalala~~~

oh yeah. i actually want to say a big big thanks for my friends---> su, ima, tikah, ain, tipah, ekin, elin,  for the birthday presents and also for the birthday celebration for me and one of my housemate--->dyana (her birthday is also in january) last night. even tak dak celebration sangat pun. hehe. they bought big apple for us. and i'm totally grateful for that. thanks chingus~~^^

gambaq hadiah je aku amik. big apple tak sempat nak amik gambaq. hehehe~~

actually, tahun ni la kot aku dapat paling banyak hadiah. hehehe. aku tak kisah sangat pun kalau tak dapat hadiah. yang penting ingat besday aku pun dah cukup. tp dah dapat hadiah tu, aku amik jela dengan tangan yang terbuka luas-luas. hahahah

and i also want to give special thanks to my special friend, the one who wish me through a lovely song singing by himself. hehehe..
actually, seriously, time aku dia kol aku tu, aku tak expect pape pun. aku ingat he just want to wish birthday to me macam biasa. masa aku dengaq tu, aku konfius actually, is he sang the song or it is just 'a song'? then, i knew that he actually sing it by himself. 
i got confius because he sang so beautifully and his voice is not bad.. kekeke~~~
i think it is the most unique present that i've received in my life. hahahhaa. terharu tak tuan punya 'hadiah' ni. hehehe..

oke. that's all from me. but. satu lagi. i feel very very disappointed to two of my best chingu because they didn't remember my birthday at all. seriously, that day i waited for them to sent me birthday msg. tp takpe la. maybe sebab minggu exam kan. tak sempat nak ingat pun. it's okey,, i don't mind about it.

okeh. that's all. nanti ada masa aku update lagi. salam. :)

footnote : nowadays kan. aku minat sesangat kat exo. they're so talented and they're so handsome.lagu diorang pun smua best-best. and i recommend korang dengaq lagu exo tau. XOXO~~~